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ValWrapper – a named value wrapper in C++

I recently found myself writing a C++ class where the constructor needed three arguments of type “int”. The arguments where not related so I could not send them as a color, point3d or something similar. The class looked like this struct AnimationConfig … Continue reading

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Using multiple interfaces in C

In my previous post I described one way of implementing interfaces and classes in C. Some of my readers may wonder why I added the baseptr member. Why do static int dog_getage(Animal super) { Dog self = (Dog) super->baseptr; return self->age; … Continue reading

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Using interfaces in C

C is a powerful language and it’s very useful for low level system development. It’s possible to write big programs using only procedural style programming, but abstraction techniques such as object oriented programming are very useful for breaking up dependencies … Continue reading

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I have been using Dropbox for the last couple of years and it’s a great service. It allows me to share photos, documents and other material across with my friends and across my devices. It also works as a poor … Continue reading

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I have a dream

My dream is to one day write my very own RTS-game ;) Just kidding, only serious. Well, at least now I have completed one step in the process by writing an a-star path finding library :)

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Podcastfs now works on OS X

I spent some hours this morning hunting down a few bugs that caused podcastfs not to work under OS X (MacPorts). I also verified that it still compiles and runs fine under Debian testing.

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RObject is a library I wrote a while ago that adds single inheritance object oriented programming support to ANSI C. It’s very small and can be customized and extended if so needed. Features that are not implemented but could easily … Continue reading

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