podcastfs – mounting a podcast using fuse

This is one of my old projects that I still find cool and quite useful. It’ s a fuse filesystem for mounting a list of podcast feeds and allows any “stupid” music player to browse and play the content as mp3 files.

I wrote at a time when I was using GNU Emacs to a larger degree than what should be regarded as healthy. Emacs can be used for almost everything including audio playback. Emms is a music player within the editor and it can handle playlists and browse directories but no does not support podcasts. podcastfs closes this gap.

I have not touched the code for two years and these days I use Google Reader for reading blogs and podcast listening.

Podcastfs works well but is lacking some important features. It does not support refreshing a podcast and it’s not possible to add or remove a podcasts on the fly. You have to umount and mount the whole filesystem to perform any such action.

Nevertheless the code should still work and is very open for any hacker with too much spare time. It’s written in GNU C using GLib and it’s licensed under the MIT license. Please fork it and send me a pull request if you do 🙂


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