Macbook Pro 13″ – A new beginning

I bought an ASUS laptop three and a half years ago, a computer I have used a lot during it’s lifetime. Although I’ve really liked it, during these years things have broken, things have been fixed and broken again. The guarantee lasted for two years and I used it well – replaced the keyboard twice and the battery, monitor and dvd once. The last year things have continued to break although it’s basic functions have remained working. For the last months I have thought about buying a new laptop but nevertheless the laptop has worked too well to be thrown out the window just yet.

Two weeks ago it’s monitor broke and that was the final message: “Buy a new one!”. Having two fanatic Apple fanboys at work I wanted to give Apple a try. I’ve use Debian/Ubuntu for the last five years and I wanted to continue using some kind of UNIX. I wanted a quality laptop and I wanted to make sure that it’s hardware worked well with the UNIX I was to choose. Long battery lifetime was also on the wish list. Finally it shouldn’t be too expensive.

A college convinced me that a Macbook Pro 13″ would be perfect for me so I went to an Apple Store and bought one. One week later I am confident that I could not have chosen anything better. It’s a really nice laptop – light weight, fast, has seven hours of battery life, nice keyboard and the enclosure is made of one aluminum block – it’s really solid. I’ve started to like MacOSX. By using MacPorts I can continue running most software I used in Linux, at the same time I can enjoy all the software included and offered for OSX.

If you use Linux or BSD and you are about to buy a new computer, have a look at Apples products. You’ll get a high quality computer and a very pretty OS based on FreeBSD. It’s worth every penny.


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